Tim Kershaw

Since I started my triathlon journey 3 years ago Robby has played such a crucial role. His dedication and knowledge inside training and programming is second to none. Robby’s coaching abilities and personable calm mentoring approach makes it fun and enjoyable, whilst always staying challenged. Being a competitive athlete, I have watched myself get fitter, stronger, faster, consistently achieving my goals I had always dreamt of and most importantly, feeling supported through the highs and the lows.

Couldn’t thank this man enough.
[January 2023]

Jeremy Laing

When I first found Rob Hill, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect – he seemed like a larger-than-life character having led his age group for decades and racing at the highest level of triathlon at an astronomical number of Ironman world championships in Kona (a jaw dropping 13- if I’m not mistaken!)

What struck me most in all my time working with him however, was how much he cared about me doing well – as an athlete and more broadly as a human being, and the lengths that he would go to in order to help me learn and grow in the sport and in my life.

The deeply personal training programs that Rob writes for his athletes use the perfect combination of his unmatched amount of experience at the top of endurance sport over decades of training, trialing and erroring, studying through Triathlon Australia, and learning from his own past coaches mixed with his one of a kind ability to truly listen to you and understand your life, your commitments, your goals, your priorities and more broadly what makes you tick – because he’s been where you are now and he knows every step you will need to take to get you where you want to go.

Rob got me into the sport of triathlon and in the space of a couple years helped me improve to become a very competitive, well-balanced age group racer who could swim, ride and run really well – putting me right at the pointy end of my field, and all the while he helped me balance my triathlon training with full time work, part time study and commitments to my social life, family and partner.

Being completely honest – like many people thinking about doing triathlon – I would have most likely given up after a couple weeks or months but thanks to his care and support along the way, I learned to love the sport, the training, the racing, the community, the ticking off of goals and the process in between when you make them and achieve them.

It’s for this reason I will forever be grateful to him for the rest of my life and can’t recommend him enough if you’re looking for a coach to change the course of your life!
[January 2023]

Georgie Kent

If you need a triathlon coach and all round legend to guide you to great personal victories, here’s the man to do it. I’ve been coached by Rob for a year now and I’ll never look back. Can’t wait to see many more years to come.

Rob offers a unique coaching experience and his commitment to the job and you as an athlete/human being is outta this world. Go on… challenge yourself!

[September 2021]

Tien Tran

Triathlon was a sport I always wanted to try ever since high school after seeing a Yr 12 student completed the Ironman NZ in Auckland. It was amazing to see someone so young completed this grueling event.

After almost 30 years I wanted to give triathlon a crack but kept getting injured and didn’t improve much. This went on for over 4 years. Rob and I were working at the same company and didn’t realise he was not just an athlete but also a Tri coach. I decided to put the planning and thinking to Rob so I can focus on the training and more importantly not to get injured and be stronger/fitter.

After a few months on the program with Rob, I noticed I am getting fitter and no injuries! which made the training more enjoyable and not disruptive.

To date Rob has helped me to train without disrupting my family life and also completed 4 ironman events. I am proud of this achievement as anyone who has done an IM event would understand. I am not after PBs or fastest splits just enjoying the journey, meeting new people and celebrating the finishing with friends and families. Even though my finishing position over the years is not too shabby 🙂

Training is currently on hold due Covid but I am looking forward to further improving of my fitness, understanding of this complex sport, and enjoy the training again.

Thanks Coach

[November 2020]

Jarrod McPherson

For several years I had been talking about doing another Ironman, but my training always resulted in some type of injury and those plans were put on hold.

With my 50th approaching, I decided that after a 23 year ‘recovery period’, I was going to attempt another Ironman to celebrate the milestone.

When I sat down with Rob, I was an unfit and overweight professional, with not a lot of spare time. Together we discussed my goals and my fears (re-injury) and we set about a plan for success.

In a little over 7 months, Rob took me from zero to an Ironman with a training program that fitted into my lifestyle and most importantly avoided injury. Rob was also there on race day from the moment I entered the water to the moment I crossed the finish line.

With the comeback race under my belt, we are now working toward other goals – like racing in Kona together in the not so distant future.

[October 2020]

Wayne Ball

When I was 125 kg I was making the wrong lifestyle decisions. I was not a victim to my upbringing and genes I was a participant. And I am now a participant in a different lifestyle.

I am always seeking knowledge to self improve but more importantly making changes. Rob thanks for being part of my growth.
[February 2020]

Bob Martin

I first met Rob in Kona (where else?) in 2013 over a coffee. He is almost as passionate about coffee as he is Triathlons! A year or so later, I’d just about given up the idea of doing another Ironman – Never say Never!

However, at the beginning of ’17, I was feeling overweight & unfit & felt I needed something to get back ‘healthy’. I approached Rob who had become a friend to see if he would help me out as having done 7 IM’s including 2 Kona’s, I needed a new approach & some motivation. He agreed & we hatched a plan. I would do Port Macquarie 70.3 in early May & then Cairns early June. This was end January so I didn’t give him much time. He was brilliant; didn’t rush it; plenty of recovery time & not over-doing it.

I was lucky enough to win both: Cairns in an Age Group record & the coveted Kona ‘Slot’. Unfortunately, Kona didn’t go so well as nursing a dicky shoulder. However, with a lot of encouragement from Rob managed to get the Finish.

He has always been approachable, understanding & very knowledgeable.

[May 2018]

Woody Lo

Rob Hill (Hill Top Coaching) did an amazing job giving me focus and tailored structure that catered to my needs and circumstances. I had hit a plateau when my last half iron was not a PB (I stopped improving, I was not happy and needed help). 

I set a segment PB on the bike in conditions I rarely experienced and absolutely demolished the running segment PB (and blue skies greeted me briefly). Had a technical problem with water getting into my wetsuit coupled with the conditions meant I didn’t achieve a swimming PB (set on a perfectly calm day in Geelong), which was prob my only disappointment. However I felt fresh coming out of the water, as per strategy.

If you want to take triathlon event seriously or even learn the sport, I highly recommend Rob, an age group category Ironman champion with extensive experience in helping people reach their potential.

[April 2017]

Daniel Sue

I have worked with Rob since Feb 2014 since then I have completed 6 Ironman 70.3 races. Rob has a real passion for coaching and getting the most out of his athletes.

He also creates a programme tailored to you, taking into account your other commitments be it family, work, injuries, holidays, etc.

I would recommend Rob if you are looking to advance your development in triathlon and endurance sports.

[October 2016]