Jarrod McPherson

For several years I had been talking about doing another Ironman, but my training always resulted in some type of injury and those plans were put on hold.

With my 50th approaching, I decided that after a 23 year ‘recovery period’, I was going to attempt another Ironman to celebrate the milestone.

When I sat down with Rob, I was an unfit and overweight professional, with not a lot of spare time. Together we discussed my goals and my fears (re-injury) and we set about a plan for success.

In a little over 7 months, Rob took me from zero to an Ironman with a training program that fitted into my lifestyle and most importantly avoided injury. Rob was also there on race day from the moment I entered the water to the moment I crossed the finish line.

With the comeback race under my belt, we are now working toward other goals – like racing in Kona together in the not so distant future.

[October 2020]