Jeremy Laing

When I first found Rob Hill, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect – he seemed like a larger-than-life character having led his age group for decades and racing at the highest level of triathlon at an astronomical number of Ironman world championships in Kona (a jaw dropping 13- if I’m not mistaken!)

What struck me most in all my time working with him however, was how much he cared about me doing well – as an athlete and more broadly as a human being, and the lengths that he would go to in order to help me learn and grow in the sport and in my life.

The deeply personal training programs that Rob writes for his athletes use the perfect combination of his unmatched amount of experience at the top of endurance sport over decades of training, trialing and erroring, studying through Triathlon Australia, and learning from his own past coaches mixed with his one of a kind ability to truly listen to you and understand your life, your commitments, your goals, your priorities and more broadly what makes you tick – because he’s been where you are now and he knows every step you will need to take to get you where you want to go.

Rob got me into the sport of triathlon and in the space of a couple years helped me improve to become a very competitive, well-balanced age group racer who could swim, ride and run really well – putting me right at the pointy end of my field, and all the while he helped me balance my triathlon training with full time work, part time study and commitments to my social life, family and partner.

Being completely honest – like many people thinking about doing triathlon – I would have most likely given up after a couple weeks or months but thanks to his care and support along the way, I learned to love the sport, the training, the racing, the community, the ticking off of goals and the process in between when you make them and achieve them.

It’s for this reason I will forever be grateful to him for the rest of my life and can’t recommend him enough if you’re looking for a coach to change the course of your life!
[January 2023]