Coaching you to be your best

Hill Top Coaching has a simple objective:

  • Working with people to achieve their goals: coaching, mentoring, leading by example
  • Understanding the importance of physical fitness, health and nutrition in achieving these goals
  • Hill Top Coaching’s motto: Work – Train – Live

I love this life and getting the best from myself.  I love working with others to get the best from themselves.  Coaching you to be your best!

I get satisfaction from using my knowledge and experience to assist others in pursuit of their endurance sports goals.  Knowledge and experience gleaned from 20 years devoted to the sport of triathlon and 10 years competing at the pinnacle of the sport, the Hawaii Ironman World Championship.

I am a 2 x Asia Pacific Ironman Triathlon champion, Australian Ironman Triathlon champion and 2 x New Zealand Ironman Triathlon champion in my age group, as well as a multiple Half Ironman age group champion.  I have learnt a lot and put those lessons to use both in my own development as an athlete, as well as being able to guide the development of others.

The result: I improved my Ironman personal best from 11 hours 42 minutes in 2000 as a 35 year old, to 9 hours 6 minutes in 2014 as a 50 year old.  In Hawaii I improved from 10 hours 48 minutes in 2007 to 9 hours 48 minutes in 2013.  This level of achievement could only be attained by finding a workable balance between training and a demanding full-time career as a corporate executive.

Let me work with you to discover what YOU can achieve.  Work, Train, Live!

Rob Hill – Head Coach, Hill Top Coaching